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City Officials Tour Deep Roots Harvest Marijuana Facility

Post Date:04/13/2017 4:48 PM

Plant 2On Monday April 10th, the West Wendover City Council attended a tour in Mesquite, Nevada of the Deep Roots Harvest marijuana cultivation facility and associated medical marijuana dispensary.

Deep Roots Harvest was licensed to cultivate in Mesquite in November of 2014 after receiving their licensing from the State of Nevada and subsequently harvested their first crop one year later.  The company has 55+ employees and has invested over $10 million into their operation in Mesquite which includes a 40,000 square foot secure facility.  The company not only has their own dispensary but they also sell their particular products to other dispensaries.

The tour was put together with authorization from the City Council as a way to provide addition information and education about the medical marijuana industry in Nevada, given that the Council over the last several months has been receiving public input and contemplating the potential of West Wendover becoming a site.  Thus, seeing how an approved and licensed marijuana business operates within the regulatory environment under Nevada law and what effect if any it has had on the community of Mesquite was important to the City Council, given the marijuana industry in Nevada is only Plant 1two years old.

The Deep Roots Harvest team begins the cultivation with what are termed “mother plants” which are kept in a stable non-flowering stasis to allow cloning.  The mother plants are chosen for their particular strains which allow the business to focus on what attributes they want for their products from the cannabinoids of the plant.  This can be everything from the smell of the end product to its particular effects.  

From the mother plants, cuttings are made by snipping growth from the mother plant and then placing those clones in a special growth media where they begin to root.  By doing so, the cultivation process is able to duplicate the exact make-up of the mother plant and its gene’s including whether it is male or female.   This cloning from the mother plant goes on for many weeks producing an abundance of identical plants from which the specific characteristics are then developed through the remaining cultivation process for the company’s specific products.

The process from clone to harvest is usually just over three months according to the cultivation staff and is done under very strict environmental controls which include every component from the type of water the plants receive to the specific nutrients and levels of nutrients as well as the type of atmospheric conditions and lighting; all in an effort to produce the best plant and thus the best possible product.

Product 1In all Deep Roots Harvest has over 20 strains of marijuana which include names such as:  Stomp Grape, Larry Lemon, Skywalker OG, Gorilla Goo, Fortune Cookies, Space Queen and Blue Dream among many others all with specific attributes meant to deal with stress, energy levels, physical ailments, pain relief and other issues.

Deep Roots Harvest says, we started our Farm to Body program as a way to share our cultivation team’s passion for growing cannabis and to provide our patients transparency into where their cannabis comes from.  We’re privileged to be licensed by the State of Nevada.  We believe it is a unique situation that patients in Nevada are now able to choose to medicate and consume freshly harvested and cured, natural product that is grown locally.  Our Farm to Body program celebrates this choice.  We are excited to share with you our grow philosophies and methods which we have developed from our experiences and that are ever-changing.  We are also fortunate to operate in a state which has stringent testing regulations, ensuring that the patients of Nevada are receiving some of the cleanest cannabis on the planet with a great deal of transparency.

As part of the tour the Mayor of Mesquite along with several Mesquite City Council Members joined our group to offer their insight into the operation.  When queried about the negative impacts on Mesquite, the answer was simply, there have been none.  Mesquite officials indicated that they have not experienced any negative consequences of allowing Deep Roots Harvest to open and operate in the community and consider them to be a community partner wherein the company and its employees actively participate in local events and activities and provides assistance and support to several local community groups and, most importantly operate a business well within the stringent guidelines set forth by the State of Nevada.

We wish to thank Deep Roots Harvest CEO Keith Capurro and his staff for providing our City Officials with this educational opportunity on such an important matter and truly appreciate the warm welcome we received from them and from the City of Mesquite.

The City Council will be making a decision with regard to proceeding with potential ordinances related to the marijuana issue at the next regular City Council meeting on Tuesday April 18th at 7:00 pm.

Pictured below from front to back at one of the “plant bedrooms” of the Deep Roots Harvest facility:  Mayor Daniel Corona, Council Members Nick Flores, Jasie Holm, John Hanson, Jerry Anderson and Ismael Gutierrez



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